Competitive landscape

We share our space with some really strong competitors and partners, each with a different voice and tone. Lucky for us, there’s a lot we can learn from (and improve upon) when it comes to building our own.

We did a SWOT analysis of seven major players and here’s what we learned:

      1. More generic or corporate brand voices get lost in their platform and among their own news content. There’s an opportunity to delight our visitors and build recognition with our audiences by communicating in a refreshing way that stands out.
      2. Applying different voices across touchpoints (including between B2B and B2C audiences) leads to a confusing and disjointed user experience. We’re better off treating everyone as equals and using one voice that’s appropriate across the board.
      3. Taking a strong stance on media literacy and democracy of knowledge resonates with our audiences, but leading with this mission can come across as aggressive or political. The underlying love of reading connects emotionally with all readers, partners and publishers, and creates a more welcoming environment.

Competitive landscape

PressReader’s ideal voice

The PressReader voice is clear, creative, calm and confident.

We are clear.

This means that we are thoughtful when we communicate. We use accessible language and are efficient with our words. We are never frivolous or technical, but we also avoid sounding juvenile. We want to be relatable to every customer and partner which means using language that translates effectively to our global audiences.

Goldilocks spectrum: Clear

We are creative.

This means that we are clever in how we speak and take care to come across in a warm, relaxed and approachable way. We are knowledgeable in our space, but we aren’t trying to outsmart anyone. We avoid sounding too straightforward and unimaginative on the one hand, or too flowery on the other. We are an international organization and our creativity reflects our worldly perspective.

Goldilocks spectrum: Creative

We are calm.

We are an innovative brand with big goals, but we are methodical and patient in our pursuit of them. In turn, we communicate in a relaxed, refined and focused way. We never come across as forceful but we avoid sounding overly casual, too. We let the facts speak for themselves.

Goldilocks spectrum: calm

We are confident.

We know our own value and believe in the work that we do. As a result we are honest and self-assured, never cocky or secretive. We avoid being polarizing or making bold claims. At the same time, we aren’t accommodating. We recognize our worth. We won’t bend over backwards for those who don’t or change how we show up to different audiences.

Goldilocks spectrum: Confident