The Harmonia Sans font is at the core of our visual identity. It’s our primary typeface for titles, subtitles and primary text for all marketing communications. It’s a simple and clean typeface that complements the typeface used for our logo.

The Harmonia Sans® typeface adds an elegant, non-geometric twist to aspects of classic geometric sans typefaces. The resulting extensive family performs well on the printed page, on screen and beyond.

Harmonia type

Putting it all together

We’re bold in our communications, but with Harmonia Sans we can also be quieter, more restrained and classical. Use a mix of weights that best suit the message being conveyed.

PressReader font: together

Loud and clear

Harmonia Sans Bold
Size 50 pt, Leading 42 pt, Tracking -50

Harmonia Sans Semi Bold
Size 26 pt, Leading 30 pt, Tracking -50

Subheading 2
Harmonia Sans Semi Bold
Size 16 pt, Leading 18, Tracking -25

Body text
Harmonia Sans Regular
Size 12 pt, Leading 14, Tracking -15

Type loud