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PressReader’s visual design is about more than just the logo. It’s about a visual system made up of many parts that work together to elicit a feeling, and convey what PressReader is all about.

We’re clear, creative, calm and confident.

These guidelines are designed to help anyone working with the PressReader brand in a visual context. They allow everyone to work with confidence and consistency in a variety of formats, regions and circumstances.

If you have any questions about our brand principles, please contact us.

Rules and regulations

1. Any co-branded use of the PressReader logo and/or visual identity in combination with another company’s logo or visual identity must be evaluated and approved by the PressReader Brand Team.

2. Any PressReader marketing materials created by agents or subsidiary offices of PressReader must also be approved by the PressReader Brand Team.

3. Only the PressReader Creative Lab at Vancouver HQ is authorized to develop and/or approve co-branded marketing.

    • It’s important that, in order for our partnership to be successful, a sufficient level of co-branded marketing and communications assets must be created (by both parties) to ensure that customers have been made aware of the PressReader service, and have enough understanding of what it is and how to access it.
    • We have developed a series of co-branded examples that maintain the value of PressReader’s name and brand reputation. Please be mindful of these guidelines and apply them consistently.
    • It’s important to note that when visually representing PressReader, the brand logo should be treated equally to other partner logos. More so, both brands should work harmoniously in order to create the most impact.

Please send all final creative assets to for approval before going into to production.

The Logo


PressReader logo: inspiration

P is for PressReader

The PressReader P-icon is at the core of our visual identity. It’s an abstract symbol combining a speech bubble and the capital letter ‘P’. The gradient shadow effect is used to give it depth and life.

This icon can be used on its own in select circumstances only. In general, the icon without text is reserved for circumstances where the brand has already been established in the same context, either through use of the full logo, in adjacent copy, or by voiceover.

PressReader icon

Attention to detail matters

PressReader icon bg


When writing, we always capitalize the P and R in PressReader. But when it comes to our wordmark, we’re not an uppercase brand. (We’re much cooler than that.)

PressReader wordmark

While the P icon can exist without the wordmark in certain circumstances, the wordmark should never exist without the P icon.

Note that the trademark symbol is used in select circumstances, and rarely in digital formats.

The logo

The PressReader logo is at the crux of our brand identity. It’s the combination of our simple, modern wordmark and our P icon.

Note that the proportions of the logo cannot be changed under any circumstances.

The PressReader logo


PressReader Logos in JPG, PDF, PNG and Vector format.

To download all the PressReader logo assets in one .zip file click on the file below.
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